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How Long Will Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Last?

Many things will indicate whether your house needs a roof replacement or roof repair, but it’s a good idea to establish how old the roof is. A typical standard roof is likely to last about 20, maybe even 25. If premium products are used it could last 30 to 50 years.

The asphalt shingle product used for the roof will also be a factor. Standard three-tab or strip shingles that have just one layer won’t last as long as dimensional laminated shingles that, by definition, are dual- or multi-layered. Shingles that are manufactured to be impact resistant as well as fire, wind, and sometimes algae-resistant will have an even longer potential lifespan.

Also, if the roof of your house has previously had a major roof repair that involved installing a new layer of shingles over the old ones, chances are the whole lot will have to be removed sooner or later, and a more thorough roof replacement undertaken.

How to Assess the State of Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

In addition to this information, these are some of the warning signs that you need to consider when deciding whether to opt for roof repair or roof replacement:

  • Signs of water on the ceiling usually indicate that the roof is leaking.
  • Light shining through the roof boards indicates that there are breaks in the decking. A roofing contractor will be able to determine whether the decking can be repaired or must be replaced.
  • If shingles are missing or damaged, it might be okay to have them replaced. If it’s a single layer three-tab shingle roof, check whether the tabs are all intact. There may be more damage than you realize.
  • Shingle granules in the gutters or a change in color on shingles is an indication of wear and tear. The fact is that shingles lose more and more granules as they reach the end of their lifespan.
  • When shingles curl and buckle this also indicates wear and tear and is often a sign that roof replacement is on the cards. If this happens when the roof is entirely new, it could be a sign of material defect, in which case your warranty should kick in. Your Cartersville roofing contractor will advise.
  • Not all roofs have valleys, but if yours does, check to see if any shingles are missing here. Melted snow and rain flows down through the valleys into the gutters, and if the valleys are compromised the roof is likely to leak – if it isn’t already leaking.
  • Chimney flashing that has deteriorated also needs to be repaired.
  • If gutters are blocked they should be cleaned so that they can function adequately. If they are broken or haven come away from the roof or downspouts, there is no doubt that it’s time for some serious gutter repair.

Choosing a Reputable Cartersville Roofing Contractor

Whether you need a roof replacement or some kind of roof repair, Force Field Roofing has the expertise, experience, and reliability you need. In addition to roof replacement, roof repair, and other general roofing services, we also do gutter repair and offer regular gutter service and maintenance.

If your roof or gutters were damaged in a storm, we can help you with your insurance claim too.

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