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Importance of a Good Roofing System

A good roofing system, installed by a reliable roofer, will help to ensure that your roof performs at the highest level and lasts a very long time.

Key elements of a good roofing system include underlayment, shingles, hip, and ridge caps, and proper ventilation.

  • Some parts of the roof are more susceptible to water damage than others, so it is vital to install waterproofing underlayment at vulnerable areas.
  • Additionally, a water-resistant underlayment must be laid over the entire roof deck, providing a protective layer and secondary barrier against leaks.
  • Starter shingles are laid at the lowest level of the roof’s surface, at the lower eave edge. These are crucial because they provide an extra layer of protection under the first course of shingles, and prevent these and the shingles above this course from blowing off. They are equally crucial for re-roof jobs.
  • With the starter shingles in place, the remaining shingles are installed. There are many different styles and colors and generally, three levels of quality and cost dubbed:
    • Good
    • Better
    • Best
  • The hip and ridge lines of pitched roofs are then finished with hip and ridge caps. The hips are where two angles meet from the eaves to the ridge, which is the point where the two slopes of the roof meet. Hip and ridge caps are available in many different profiles for effect.
  • Ventilation also forms a critical element of a good roofing system. Ridge and intake vents allow air to circulate on the underside of the roof deck.

Choosing Asphalt Shingles for Your Home

There are many different types and styles of asphalt shingles for new homes and roof replacement, including those that are:

  • Algae resistant, which is ideal for wet areas
  • Solar reflective and therefore energy efficient
  • Impact resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Wind resistant

Additionally, there are many different styles and colors available to your roofing contractor. Your choice will be determined by budget (good, better, best) and by the design of your home.

For instance, if yours is a large authentic manor house or traditional colonial home you might like the options offered by CertainTeed Grand Manor or Carriage House asphalt shingles. Both ranges offer a varied color choice and are reminiscent of traditional slate shingles.

If yours is, on the other hand, a quaint cottage, CertainTeed’s Presidential Shake shingles are likely to be more appealing. Particularly classy asphalt shingles, they look like hand-split cedar shakes but without the price tag.

Of course, there are many other options. Your roofing contractor will guide your choice.

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