Originally a mining settlement, McCaysville is a small town in a beautiful mountain setting and it is a popular retirement location. Situated on either side of the Toccoa River, the town has a flood risk and is still being rebuilt after the extreme damage caused by a major flood in 1992.

Generally, the weather in McCaysville is relatively mild, though it tends to be very warm and muggy in the summer months and cold and wet during winter. Nevertheless, the temperature rarely falls below 16 °F.

So, the reality is that even though it has a pleasant climate, when it comes to residential houses it is vital to ensure that they are properly waterproofed and that gutters and downspouts are adequate and properly maintained. Roof repair and maintenance in McCaysville, Georgia is also extremely important.

Additionally, homeowners are advised to take out homeowners’ insurance policies as well as national flood insurance.

Choosing Roofing for Your McCaysville House

Statistics show that the majority of US houses have asphalt shingles, including those in McCaysville. So, if you are looking at roof repair, you will need to stick with the same type of shingles you already have.

If you are going to be hiring a roofing contractor to do roof replacement, your options will be broader.

Presuming you are going to be opting for asphalt shingles, you have a basic choice between standard shingles (usually the original three-tab type), dimensional architectural-type shingles, and laminated premium asphalt shingles that are a lot thicker than either the standard or dimensional type, particularly the relatively flat standard strip shingles.

Your decision will depend largely on your budget, but if you can afford dimensional or premium shingles, the design of the roof will become an important factor.

For example, CertainTeed manufactures Grand Manor and Carriage House shingles, both of which are premium-grade shingles and may be used by your Georgia roofer to create impressive roof designs. They are both available in a lovely selection of colors and manufactured with five and four layers of protection respectively.

Your roofing contractor will approve of both Grand Manor and Carriage House premier ranges which are, amongst other things:

  • UL Class A fire resistant
  • Resistant to algae
  • Resistant to 110 mph winds

The Patriot shingle, on the other hand, has just a single layer and is considerably more affordable to those on a tight budget. But it offers greater weathering resistance than other standard strip shingles. It is also algae-resistant, though not as much as the premium range, and is compliant with certain quality standards that apply to fire, wind, and tear resistance.

Be sure to ask your McCaysville roofer for advice before committing to a specific product.

Choosing a McCaysville, Georgia Roofer

Force Field Roofing offers a range of roofing services in McCaysville including:

  • Roof replacement
  • Roof repair
  • Gutter installation
  • Gutter repair
  • Gutter service and maintenance
  • Insulation installation
  • Storm damage and insurance claims

You can rest assured that Force Field Roofing is a Master Shingle Applicator for CertainTeed products and a specialist in this field. We use Energy Star products and are a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating. Contact us for all your roofing and gutter-related needs in McCaysville.