Roofs come in all shapes and sizes, with different slopes and coverings that are available in a variety of colors and textures – and Force Field Roofing offers more than 300 options for residential roof replacement & repair.

Whether you’re in the market for a new roofing installation, a minor or major roofing repair, or a total roofing replacement, Force Field Roofing is a leading Georgia roofing contractor you can trust. We use top quality materials to meet your budgetary needs, and guarantee reliable workmanship to ensure that your roof will last a very long time. Some products carry a lifetime warranty.

Force Field Roofing Roof Replacement & Installation

We believe in Integrity Roof Systems from CertainTeed because they incorporate all the key elements of good roofing systems to achieve peak efficiency and long-lasting performance:

  • Waterproof underlayment is installed first to prevent any leaks that might otherwise be caused by wind-driven rain, snow, or ice dams.
  • Water-resistant underlayment is installed over the entire roof deck as a secondary precaution against possible leaking.
  • Starter shingles are vital for extra protection under the roof shingles at the eaves against both water seepage and wind. To be code-compliant, they must have a headlap of at least two inches. CertainTeed’s asphalt shingles are installed with specially designed Swiftstart starter shingles that meet the minimum code requirements.
  • Roof shingles which are, of course, the stand-out element of any roof, defining both its style and character, come next. There are many different types and colors, but generally just three levels of quality: good, better, and best. We offer all three.
  • Hip and ridge caps that are used to finish the hip and ridge lines of all pitched roofs. Available in a wide selection of profiles, ridge caps are used along the upper edge of pitched roofs where the two slopes meet. Hip caps are used where the roof sections meet at the gable end between the eaves and the ridge. These are manufactured to match the different CertainTeed products we use.
  • Roof ventilation which is achieved by using intake and ridge vents that allow air to circulate under the roof deck.

All these elements are essential when a new roof is installed. When we replace a roof, it may not be necessary to replace the underlayment. On the other hand, if the roof has been badly damaged, it may be necessary to replace everything, including all the underlayment and the roof deck.

When we undertake roof repairs, we find the problem (or problems) and assess the damage before submitting our quote.

Choosing the Best Quality Asphalt Shingles for Your Roof Replacement & Repair

Choosing the best asphalt shingles for your roof can be a challenge given the choice that’s available. Generally, your choice will be determined by just a handful of factors including budget, quality, energy efficiency, resistant to various elements including fire and the weather, and the design and style of your house.

Quality and cost are closely linked, and so the “best” shingles will be the most expensive and “good” shingles will be the least expensive. The best advice is the opt for the best you can afford.

More specific factors to consider when assessing quality relate to what the finished roof will be designed to resist. For example, some asphalt shingles are resistant to fire, wind, tear, and/or wind-driven rain. Some are impact resistant, which is great in areas that experience hail storms, while others are resistant to algae that might otherwise form in wet areas.

Another quality to look out for is solar reflectiveness which helps to make the building more energy efficient.

Examples of different available styles of shingle include:

  • Luxury Grand Manor roofing shingles designed to replicate the look of slate. Choose from a dynamic 10-color palette to create an authentic manor-house look.
  • Carriage House roofing shingles that are ideal for homeowners yearning for a contemporary colonial style or who have built in traditional Victorian style.
  • Luxury Presidential Shake shingles that will help you achieve a characteristic cottage style with roofing that looks like hand-split cedar shakes.
  • Patriot roofing, a top-of-the-range strip-style product that looks like multi-layered shingles and fits both contemporary and traditional designs.

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